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I found one of the best traffic exchanges, so I really wanted to share this with you. Except for the huge amounts of quality traffic, it also comes with really good tools for tracking, making rotators and a splashpage creator - all for free!

You get a signup bonus of 1000 credits, 1000 banner impressions and 1000 text ads when you join, and you get up to 40% commissions on referral purchases and 10% of all the credits your downline earns. This site has so many more great things to offer, it's a complete advertising service.

I hope you will join me in Hungry For Hits and let it be your main source of free traffic too!

A lot of traffic exchanges advertise how many members they have, but how does that matter if it was years since most of them even logged on? How does that matter if the advertisers aren't getting any results?

What you want to look for is the activity in the present!

Hungry For Hits is unique, because it displays all site activity stats in detail to all members. What other big advertising sites do this? Any at all? No.

You can use our built in, easy to use tracking service, to verify that size doesn't really matter - activity does.

Compare us! You will find out why we are on top of rankings and member votes!

-Website, banner and text link advertising
-Startpages and featured Ad spotlight
-Top 10 programs page
-Splashpage creator
-Downline builder
-Downline mailer
-Promo codes, games, rewards, bingo, daily events and a brilliant affiliate program.

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Bronzilla Sheppard